The Witch is Grounded

I haven’t done anything wrong… I’m allowed to leave the house, watch television, and have a glass of wine. I’m grounded in the metaphorical sense. Almost two years ago, I shelved my broom for a sweeter ride. I bought a hearse. Yes, you read that right, a hearse. She is beautiful. Her name is Lucille.

Lucille is an older girl, born in 1996. Being a “Lady of Service,” she was unaccustomed to being so thoroughly enjoyed. She loved the road trips, but her heart couldn’t take all the excitement. Alas, she needs a double bypass. Not covered by OHIP, her new heart is beyond my capabilities, so I’m reaching out to those who appreciate ladies like Lucille, to help get her back up on her “feet.”

If anyone can contribute, or at least share her story, I would be grateful. Here is her link, and her story.


5 thoughts on “The Witch is Grounded

  1. I’m hoping you still read your blog comments. I happened upon your weasel post and I need to know what happened. Two exterminators and all my friends think I’m nuts because they see “no evidence” of weasels. And mine came from the basement too, until I stupidly put the cat box down there and opened the door to give them free run of the house. Things get really exciting at night, as in I can’t sleep for beans and the cat is cared to death. Please advise. 🙂

    1. Hi Heidi, my weasel issue solved itself. They come into the house, stay until they eat all the mice, and then move on to the next infested house. Eventually, when there’s nothing left to eat, they will leave the same way they came in. If you can get them back in the basement, however, I do recommend that. 🙂

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