My foray into blogging

I’ve always been told I should write stuff down, because it would seem I don’t do normal. It is the truth that I am the only bagpipe playing, tenor drumming, soapstone carving witch in my little town. I am proud to say that I’ll never be the crazy cat lady, my friend has that distinction, so I tell people I’m only mildly-perturbed. My official title is “Vice President of the Crazy Cat Lady Society” which sounds pretty darned impressive. My other title, given to me by a fellow bagpiper/famous radio personality in South Africa (not that I’m a famous radio personality or have ever been to South Africa – but I DO play bagpipes) is “One of the original founders of the underground bag-piping cell of Counter-Marching-Terrorists.” I probably shouldn’t use the last word, since I’m excessively non-violent, but I do play my pipes left-handed – and anyone who encounters me on the counter-march has experienced that “Oh dear god, the drones are coming at me from the wrong side!!!” kind of terror. So it fits.

1116 santa pic12.jpg

When I’m not piping with my band, I’m tenor drumming. I had a concussion for almost a year and could not play my pipes so I learned to drum instead – because nothing is safer for your head than whipping sticks around in the air. Thank goodness they are padded.

I carve soapstone, which I enjoy despite the fact that it’s a very unfeminine hobby. It’s messy and dusty and I occasionally shred and stab my fingers with sharp pointy tools. I’ve admitted to myself that I’ll never be a hand model, and I’m okay with that.


I was also given the title of The Witch of South Mountain because I am a Hallowe’en junkie, have bats in my belfry, a haunted house and moved into town with two black cats. I have a haunted porch every year and I consider it a bust if I go a year without making at least one small child cry. Not that I don’t like children, I just like Hallowe’en more.

So there is me in a nutshell… The tales of battles with zombie garden gnomes and being stalked by my cats will come. Strange things happen in my corner of the world, and I shall share them. 🙂

Cheers! *clink*


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