Why online dating sucks

When I was younger, I was convinced that online dating was the way to go. I’m not one for bars, and I’m really more of a homebody than anything. At the time, I lived alone and worked from home – spending 24/7 within the same walls does not facilitate a fabulous romance. And, there weren’t usually a lot of eligible bachelors hanging around on the street, waiting for me to check my mailbox.

I had been on one unnamed website (Lavalife) for a while, when I started chatting with an interesting gentleman. He said he was 42, of average build and 5’8″. Now, to put things into perspective, I was 35, 5’3″ and perhaps a bit above average, but not too much so. When we did actually meet, it turned out he was 52, shorter then me and was so round he reminded me of a garden gnome. To make matters worse, he had a daughter only two years younger than me. We spent the entire dinner with him talking about his daughter, and me talking about my dad. Creeeeeepyyyy. Needless to say, neither one of us contacted each other again.

But the question still remains in my head… Why would you lie to someone about your age, height and weight if those are the first three things people are going to see? If you’re going to lie about the blatantly obvious, what else would you lie about?


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