Can you guess which one is not like the other?

Speaking of the joy and bliss of online dating, another story just occurred to me.

I met another fellow once… He was very nice, very down to earth, very gentlemanly. We went out a couple of times, actually. He held the door open for me, he bought me dinner, and he admired my shoes. On the third date, he invited me over to cook me dinner. “That’s a nice gesture.” I thought to myself. And how nice to find a man who can cook. That was rare, back in the day.

As the evening progressed, he got more chatty and decided that the night was ripe for honesty. So he showed me his closet. The man had spent more money on women’s clothing than I did. Granted, he was about 6’2″ so I would imagine his clothing came from a far more expensive “big girl” store… This also actually explained a lot. He had fingernails that went significantly father than beyond the tips of his fingers on both hands, and they were disturbingly manicured.

The other interesting revelation was that apparently after our first date, he had followed me through a mall one day, dressed as his alternate persona. How I missed the ginormous woman following me is beyond me. I must have been really focussed that day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone who likes to explore different avenues, but as he eyed the sweater I was wearing, all I could imagine was how stretched out it would be if he borrowed it…


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