The set up…

There are few things worse than online dating… one is definitely the set-up. Especially when the set-up is by someone who hardly knows you.

“He’s awesome!”, “So thoughtful!” and “Such a nice man.” were terms thrown about by someone who is a friend of a friend. I’d been single for about eight years, borderline given up on online dating, so I thought “why not?”. hahahahahahahahah

I met this man at a local restaurant. My first impression was hair that hadn’t been washed in about four weeks, a turtleneck sweater that had stains on the neck and the arms, and his pants were pulled half-way up to his chest like an 80 year-old man. I smiled sweetly, and sat down.

Over the course of one glass of wine, I learned that this man wasn’t a friend of a friend, in fact, he was her best customer at the restaurant that she worked at – because he ate there every day! He was two years older than me. Not bad… He lived in his parents’ basement until he was almost 40 but it was time to move out. So he moved in with his brother. That turned sour when his brother actually met a living, breathing woman, and turfed him out after they got married. Where did he return? To his parents’ basement. I see a theme here. Apparently his mother wasn’t well. That would explain the stained and ripped clothing he wore for our first date.

Did we go out again? Um… no.

I don’t have children and I’m not about to adopt ones older than me…

Run away, run away!!!